Dating could be an exciting and memorable expertise, especially in terms of assembly somebody new and feeling a connection. However, it’s vital to remember of the potential red flags which will indicate you’re relationship a narcissist. Narcissistic people could be charming and fascinating at first, but underneath their enticing facade lies a sample of self-centeredness and manipulation.

If you’re curious about whether your partner could exhibit narcissistic traits, this quiz will allow you to evaluate and mirror in your relationship. Remember, this quiz is not a diagnostic device, however somewhat a information to help you acquire insight into your partner’s habits and your own emotions.

Are They Always Seeking Attention?

One of the necessary thing traits of a narcissist is their fixed want for consideration and admiration. They crave reward and validation, and this will manifest in multiple methods. Ask your self these questions to determine in case your partner reveals this behavior:

  • Does your associate all the time wish to be the center of attention in social situations?
  • Is your companion extra concerned with their outward look and the way others perceive them?
  • Does your partner often interrupt or dominate conversations to steer it again to themselves?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, it may be an indication that your partner shows narcissistic tendencies.

Does Their Behavior Impact Your Self-Esteem?

Narcissists have a means of making their companions feel insufficient. They continuously criticize, belittle, and undermine their important others so as to increase their very own ego. Reflect on the following questions to know how your partner’s conduct impacts your shallowness:

  • Do you often feel such as you’re walking on eggshells round your companion, afraid of claiming or doing one thing wrong?
  • Does your companion frequently dismiss or trivialize your accomplishments?
  • Do you end up constantly in search of approval and validation from your partner?

If your associate’s habits consistently chips away at your shallowness, it may be an indication that you’re courting a narcissist.

Are They Empathetic or Self-Absorbed?

Empathy is a elementary element of a wholesome relationship. However, narcissists struggle to empathize with others as they’re primarily focused on their very own wants and needs. Consider the following questions to judge your partner’s stage of empathy:

  • Does your associate usually dismiss or deflect your feelings whenever you’re going by way of a difficult time?
  • Does your partner appear extra thinking about speaking about themselves somewhat than listening to you?
  • Do you find it difficult to get emotional help out of your partner?

If your companion consistently shows a lack of empathy and prioritizes their own wants over yours, it may indicate narcissistic behavior.

Do They Exhibit Manipulative Behavior?

Narcissists are expert manipulators who use various tactics to manage and dominate their partners. They have a knack for bending situations to their benefit and making their companions really feel insecure. Answer these questions to discover out if your companion engages in manipulative conduct:

  • Does your associate gaslight you by making you doubt your individual perceptions and experiences?
  • Do they frequently use guilt journeys or emotional blackmail to get what they want?
  • Does your companion manipulate conditions to create a dynamic the place they’re all the time in control?

If you find yourself answering "yes" to these questions, it is essential to acknowledge that manipulative conduct just isn’t wholesome in a relationship.


Taking this quiz and reflecting on your answers might help you achieve a greater understanding of whether you are relationship a narcissist. Remember, this quiz is simply a starting point and not an expert diagnosis. If you believe you studied that you are in a relationship with a narcissist, it’s crucial to seek steering and help from a therapist or counselor skilled in coping with narcissistic abuse. Your emotional well-being and happiness ought to always be a high priority.


Am I Dating a Narcissist Quiz

  1. Question: What are the frequent indicators of narcissism in a romantic partner?

    • Answer: Some widespread signs of narcissism in a romantic partner include an excessive want for admiration, a scarcity of empathy or concern for others, a way of entitlement, an exaggerated sense of self-importance, constant bragging or boasting, and manipulative behaviors corresponding to gaslighting or love bombing.
  2. Question: Have you noticed a consistent sample of grandiosity or self-centeredness in your partner’s behavior?

    • Answer: Narcissists usually display a constant pattern of grandiosity or self-centeredness. They might regularly discuss their achievements, abilities, or possessions, continuously seek consideration and admiration, and expect particular remedy from others with out acknowledging onenightfriend their needs or views.
  3. Question: Do you’re feeling emotionally drained or manipulated by your associate’s behavior?

    • Answer: Narcissists are identified to emotionally drain and manipulate their partners. They might make you’re feeling unworthy or insignificant, play mind games, incessantly criticize or belittle you, use guilt journeys, or exploit your emotions for their own achieve. If you usually feel managed or manipulated, it could be an indication of dating a narcissist.
  4. Question: Does your companion exhibit a scarcity of empathy or disregard for your feelings?

    • Answer: Narcissists typically show an absence of real empathy or disregard for his or her companion’s feelings. They may dismiss or invalidate your emotions, decrease your concerns, or fail to point out support during troublesome occasions. If your companion constantly fails to acknowledge or understand your feelings, it could be an indicator of narcissistic tendencies.
  5. Question: Are you frequently blamed for relationship points or made to really feel liable for your partner’s happiness?

    • Answer: Narcissists usually are probably to blame their partners for relationship issues or make them liable for their happiness. They may refuse to take accountability for his or her actions, shift the blame onto you, or use guilt-tripping tactics to control your habits. If you regularly really feel blamed or pressured to meet your partner’s unrealistic expectations, it could be an indication of dating a narcissist.
  6. Question: Have your friends or household expressed considerations about your partner’s behavior or the dynamics of your relationship?

    • Answer: It’s essential to think about the views of individuals near you. Sometimes, pals or relations can detect poisonous patterns or purple flags that you could be overlook. If those you trust categorical considerations about your companion’s conduct, it may be value reflecting on their observations and evaluating if they align with narcissistic traits.
  7. Question: Does your partner show constant indicators of in search of admiration from others and a preoccupation with their self-image?

    • Answer: Narcissists sometimes exhibit a powerful need for admiration from others and a preoccupation with their self-image. They may continually seek exterior validation, have interaction in attention-seeking habits, or prioritize their appearance to maintain a grandiose self-perception. If your partner persistently shows these signs, it might indicate narcissistic tendencies in your relationship.