Yang Mi, the stunning Chinese actress, has captured the hearts of many together with her distinctive expertise and wonder. As a distinguished determine within the entertainment business, fans are often interested by her private life, notably her dating history. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Yang Mi’s relationships, exploring her previous romances and shedding light on her current status within the dating enviornment. Join us as we uncover the secrets of this mesmerizing actress’s love life.

The Early Years: Yang Mi’s Adolescent Love Stories

Like many people, Yang Mi experienced her justifiable share of teenage infatuation and puppy love earlier than coming into the highlight. During her early years, she embarked on a quantity of harmless romances that shaped her notion of affection.

1. High School Sweethearts

Yang Mi, recognized for her youthful appearance and radiant smile, captivated the hearts of many during her time in highschool. It was throughout this period that she skilled her first style of young love. Although details are scarce, this early relationship undoubtedly laid the muse for her future encounters.

2. A Summer Fling

As Yang Mi blossomed into a proficient actress, she also navigated the complexities of young adulthood. Tales of a summer time romance emerged, whispering of a passionate connection that spanned several sun-kissed months. This relationship may have been fleeting but undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the younger starlet’s heart.

The Rise to Fame: Yang Mi’s Love Life within the Limelight

As Yang Mi’s career skyrocketed, her romantic life confronted the scrutiny of the basic public eye. Let’s explore her relationships and the tales behind them throughout her rise to fame.

1. Hawick Lau: A Tale of On-Screen Chemistry Turned Real-Life Love

In 2012, Yang Mi and fellow actor Hawick Lau starred together within the in style drama sequence "Sealed With a Kiss." The simple chemistry between the 2 made followers yearn for extra. Off-screen, their skilled admiration blossomed into a romantic relationship. The couple exchanged vows in a personal wedding ceremony in Bali, Indonesia, in 2014, solidifying their love in the eyes of their adoring fans.

What can we be taught from Yang Mi and Hawick Lau’s relationship?

  • Sometimes, chemistry on the display can transcend into real-life connections.
  • Love could be found in surprising places, even inside the confines of a working setting.
  • Shared experiences can strengthen the bond between partners.

2. Divorce and New Beginnings

Sadly, despite their promising union, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau introduced their separation in 2018, after four years of marriage. The news despatched shockwaves by way of the entertainment business, leaving fans in disbelief. The couple, however, remained dedicated to co-parenting their daughter and sustaining a pleasant relationship.

The aftermath of a high-profile breakup:

  • Public scrutiny could make the top of a relationship much more difficult to navigate.
  • Prioritizing children’s well-being and sustaining a cordial relationship for his or her sake is commendable.

3. Li Wei: A Rekindled Flame?

Rumors began to flow into in 2020, suggesting that Yang Mi had found love as soon as once more. It was speculated that she and her "Baby" co-star, Li Wei, have been dating. However, each parties have remained tight-lipped about their alleged relationship, leaving followers intrigued and hungry for solutions.

Relationship beneath the radar:

  • Sometimes, celebrities choose to maintain their personal lives personal, away from the prying eyes of the common public.
  • Respect for privateness in relationships is crucial, no matter one’s public status.

Yang Mi Today: A Single Star Shining Brightly

As of now, Yang Mi stays single, focusing on her flourishing career and raising her daughter. While fans eagerly anticipate glimpses into her personal life, she continues to captivate audiences with her expertise and wonder.


Yang Mi’s courting historical past is a testament to the complexities of love, both on and off the display screen. From her teenage years to her rise to fame, she has experienced the highs and lows that come with romantic relationships. Whether basking within the highlight alongside Hawick Lau or navigating the aftermath of divorce, Yang Mi has confirmed herself resilient and targeted on her private development and happiness. As her fan base continues to develop, one factor is definite: Yang Mi’s captivating performances and the air of mystery surrounding her love life will proceed to captivate audiences worldwide.


Q: Who is Yang Mi?
A: Yang Mi is a Chinese actress and singer. She gained recognition for her roles in various television dramas and films. She has been recognized both in China and internationally for her talent and contributions to the entertainment trade.

Q: Has Yang Mi ever publicly confirmed any past relationships?
A: Yang Mi has been significantly personal about her private life, including her relationship historical past. She rarely publicly confirms any previous relationships, preferring to keep her private life separate from her professional life.

Q: Has Yang Mi ever been married?
A: Yes, Yang Mi was previously married to Hong Kong actor and singer Hawick Lau. They tied the knot in 2014 and have a daughter together. However, the couple announced their separation and divorce in 2018, stating that they had grown apart but would proceed to prioritize their daughter’s well-being.

Q: Are there any rumors or speculations about Yang Mi’s present dating life?
A: While there have been occasional rumors and speculations about Yang Mi’s dating life, she has not confirmed any romantic relationships since her divorce from Hawick Lau. Media shops and fans often speculate about her love life, but she has managed to maintain it private.

Q: What is Yang Mi’s dating historical past like before her marriage to Hawick Lau?
A: Yang Mi’s dating historical past earlier than her marriage to Hawick Lau just isn’t extensively identified. However, she was previously rumored to have dated fellow actor, Feng Shaofeng, after they worked together on the drama series "Swords of Legends." However, these rumors have been never publicly confirmed by either party.

Q: How does Yang Mi handle to keep her dating life private?
A: Yang Mi is known for her capability to maintain her courting life personal despite being a prominent determine in the entertainment business. She maintains a low-key presence on social media and infrequently shares personal particulars about her relationships. Additionally, she maintains a professional image and focuses on her career, diverting consideration away from her personal life.