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What does recovery in mental health mean?

by Inês Batina

Content Online Therapy TOOLS TO AID TO RECOVERY We are New Jersey’s leading addiction treatment center This is one of the issues within behavioral health, the understanding or definition of what terms mean. Because both as a society at large, and as a specific industry, there is no true understanding of what “recovery” is, or […]

8 Must-Listen Addiction Recovery and Sobriety Podcasts in 2022

by Inês Batina

Content Recovery Podcastland Curated List – Summer Edition by Sober Curator Ashley Sunderland Play It Again: Sober Summer by Jon Jeremy Witty and Sarcastic Comebacks & One-Liners For When People Ask Why We’re Not Drinking The 5 Best Sobriety Podcasts for Men gAy A: A LGBT+ Podcast About Sobriety This Naked Mind podcast is hosted […]

Alcohol Related Liver Disease Michigan Medicine

by Inês Batina

Content Alcoholic Liver Disease Treatment Pathophysiology of Alcohol-Related Liver Disease Pathogenic mechanisms and regulatory factors involved in alcoholic liver disease Search for a Clinical Trial For example, if you’re a young adult, you may need to wait longer than an older adult, even if your medical needs are the same. H.K.S. has received lecture fees […]

Epidemiology of comorbid hazardous alcohol use and insomnia in 19 185 women and men attending the population-based Tromsø Study 2015 2016 Full Text

by Inês Batina

Content How to prevent disrupting sleep after drinking Possible links between alcohol and insomnia Get help for alcoholism today. Alcohol and Sleep Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) A double-blind trial comparing gabapentin against lorazepam for the treatment of alcohol withdrawal over a 4-day period provided data on daytime sleepiness (Myrick et al., 2009). A […]