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14 Best Zendesk Alternatives & Competitors

by Inês Batina

A customer service department is only as good as its support team members, and these highly-prized employees need to rely on one another. Tools that allow support agents to communicate and collaborate are important aspect of customer service software. There are 3 Basic support plans at $19, $49 and $99 per user per month billed […]

Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce: How This Rapidly Evolving Tech Will Change the Online Storefront

by Inês Batina

Are you looking for a way to improve your ecommerce customer experience (EX)? An AI-powered eCommerce chatbot can share information about low-stock items and proactively notify users about the top/most purchased items. By enabling this feature, the notifications would be dynamic and updated on a weekly basis, rather than relying on a static “best sellers” […]

4 Chatbot Customer Service Use Cases for Every Industry

by Inês Batina

For businesses with heavy call flow, chatbots provide another mode of communication to alleviate high call volume. So, let’s break down different ways to use chatbots so you can learn how to incorporate them to better support your brand and alleviate some tasks off your employee’s plates. The discussion between the human and the Chatbot […]